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Someone or something is hunting on the dark streets of Collinsport...

The Path Not Taken
On a fateful night in 1990, Dr. Sam Beckett Leaps into the life of would-be graverobber Willie Loomis...

I really enjoyed your "leap". ...Thanks for sharing your vision.

A Leap Into the Shadows
Sam Beckett Leaps into the lives of four people at Collinwood, and into the midst of supernatural menace, time-travel-by-seance, ghosts, witches and vampires. Can he help the Collins family...or will his darkest Leap be his last? (Formerly titled: Seasons of Change)

Chapters now online: 1-4

A Little Knowledge
Julia Hoffman will go to any length to protect Barnabas...

Someone has returned from 1790...but is it Victoria Winters--or someone else?

After her death at Barnabas' hands in 1790, Millicent returns...

Its Own Reward
A different take on episode #1 of the NBC series, from Willie's POV.

Second Chances
What if Sarah hadn't stopped Barnabas from killing Julia that night on the Old House staircase?

S Sarah's Quest
The ghost of Sarah Collins speaks to her tormented brother.

Long live Sarah!!!! you rock!!!!!!!!!! This story rocks too!!! Sarah forever!!! - Izlix

The Twist of Fate Series
Copyright 1994-2001

This is a series of connected short stories exploring what might have happened if Angelique had placed a very different kind of curse on Barnabas Collins.

I had the original DS in mind when I wrote these. However, I've been told it works just as well for the "new" (NBC "revival") series.

Story titles not hyperlinked are not yet completed/uploaded.

While they can be read however you choose, I recommend reading the stories in the order listed.

Stories containing graphic content are marked. Please read the warnings and, if you do not want to read about graphic depictions of violence, etc., avoid the stories marked with the warnings. Thanks!

Twist of Fate and Blood Moon were previously published in Wolf Tracks.

Stories #1-3 were previously published in The Collective Zine.

Twist of Fate #1
The aftermath of Angelique's curse drives Barnabas from Collinwood.

Twist of Fate #2: Blood Moon
The full moon has terrible consequences for Barnabas...

Some graphic violence.

Captures the flavor of Dark Shadows - Shar

Twist of Fate #3: Lorelei
Barnabas meets a strange woman who wants something from him. Can he resist her charms?

Implied sexual content (mild).

Twist of Fate #4: The Winter Wild
When a child falls victim to his curse, will Barnabas survive?

Some graphic violence.

Twist of Fate #5: Dark Awakening
Legend says that a werewolf should never take his own life. The legends are right...

Oh, come ooon! That can't be it! Where's the rest?! I need more!!! I have to have more!!! Please? - Katharine the Great

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